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Filming in Northern Italy – Vietti Castiglione Barolo & Vietti Arneis

Where the Hell is Victor Rallo?

This is a good question and I don’t have an answer! However, I do know where he was! Piedmont, Alto-Adige, Emilia Romagna, Trentino and Lombardy; Victor was zigzagging his way across Northern Italy in search of the very best food, wine, and life for his new show “Eat, Drink, Live Italy with Victor Rallo” set to air this winter on PBS.

Victor’s pursuit is to bring you the best of Italy! Not only will he be delving into such items as truffles, pressing olives, and finding the perfect cheese caveau, he will be eating some of each region’s top food and drinking the finest wine. And yes, he’s even keeping an eye on Burlisconi and Italy’s bees. So, stayed tuned for news on the upcoming show, and to keep tabs on his antics throughout Italy.

On his most recent trip, of the hundreds of wines he tasted, the following are the ones you cannot miss!!!

The wines July 5, 2012 to July 17, 2012:


2. Vietti Castiglione Barolo & Vietti Arneis

Luca Currado of Vietti in Castiglione Falletto is arguably one of the best wine makers in Barolo. Try any of his wines and you will understand my statement. His family is the only Barolo producer to own Cru vineyards in all of the 11 villages that make up the Barolo DOCG. The Barolo Castiglione 2007 is a slam-dunk for nebbiolo lovers, whether you drink it now or cellar it for 10-15 years. And please do not overlook the Arneis 2011; a terrific alternative to sauvignon blanc.

Based in Castiglione Falletto in Piedmont’s Langhe wine region, the Vietti winery is owned by the family’s fourth generation. In 1919 Mario Vietti made the first Vietti labeled wines. By mid-century Alfredo Currado married Mario’s daughter and made a name for Vietti’s single vineyard Barbera and Barolo. Alfredo was one of the first to select and vinify grapes from single vineyards, a radical concept at the time. He also put the varietal Arneis on the wine map and is recognized as the father of Arneis. In 1990, Luca joined the Vietti family business as winemaker after working at California’s Simi Winery, Opus One, Long Vineyards and Bordeaux’s Mouton-Rothschild. His innovative winemaking utilizes a unique combination of the modern and traditional. He eliminated equipment that measures acid and tannin levels in favor of a more intuitive approach. Vietti organically farms more than 25 single vineyards with vines up to 90 years of age.

Vietti Castiglione Barolo 2007 – $45.99

Vietti Roero Arneis 2011 – $21.99


Fattoria Lavacchio Puro

The First Organic, No Sulfites Added Chianti Available in the USA: Fattoria Lavacchio Puro

The First organic Chianti with no sulfites added available in the United States is Fattoria Lavacchio Puro! This delicious organic wine from the Chianti zone of Tuscany has no sulfites added, and will be available to the public this September.

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Bar Cialoma Gelateria: THE BEST ON THIS PLANET

Bar Cialoma Gelateria:

In the center square in Marzemami in an unassuming stone building with a beaded entrance. Behind the beads lies the best granita on this planet. Everyone knows that Italy has great gelato and Sicily is the best of Italy, but what I did not know was that granita, frozen ice (no milk) made with real fruit, nuts, coffee etc. was the bomb.

So after lunch we walk into the square and we notice a line of people streaming out of this beaded doorway and we immediately gravitated to the gathering. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason young, old, fat and skinny Italians savoring the most beautiful granita in the world, semi frozen, succulent and juicy, the pits and all.

Now it was our turn to order. The choices were anguria (watermelon), fregola (strawberry), mandorlo (almond), ciocolato (chocolate), espresso, melone bianco (honeydew) fichi bianco (white fig), fichi nero (brown fig), pesca (peach) and limone. This ice cream store Italiani was much different from its American counterpart in that it only had 9 flavors all made fresh, no preservatives , no sugar, no color added. Only La Materia Prima. What would I choose – would I be back again?

As always being the foodie that I am, when presented with one of these delicious dilemmas, I order one of each flavor. I had plenty helpers my wife, a gelato/granita junkie, my daughter Eli a sweets lover, and rounded out by Jack and Jake. I tasted and savored each flavor, one flavor better then the next, one thing is for sure every flavor tasted exactly like the pure ingredient frozen. I know that you expect a final choice, so here it is: peach and strawberry were my favorites, but they were all great and each one was better then anything I have tasted in the USA.