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Tasting 1959 White Wines at Cantina Terlano in Alto Adige

Harvest at Tenuta San Guido

Vinitaly 2011 Highlights with Victor Rallo
Victor and Friends

Giuseppe Mascarello Talks (and Sings) with Victor Rallo at Vinitaly 2011
Visiting Oddero Winery

Victor Visits Feudo Maccari Winery

Victor and the Best Gelato in Sicily

Victor Visits Taverna La Cialoma

Visit to Alois Laegeder

Visit to the Uccelliera Booth at Vinitaly 2010

Victor Visits Pieropan winery in Veneto, Italy

Victor Rallo Visits Mastroberardino

Victor Visits the Cantina Antonio Caggiano

Search For the Best Pizza in Naples

Hosteria Da Pietro Restaurant – Rome – Victor Rallo Review

Il Vecchio Mulino Restaurant – Sardenia – Victor Rallo Review

The Wines Abbazia di Novacella (Part 1)

Wine Tasting at Kofererhof Winery

Barrel Tasting at Tenuta Oliveto

Tasting at Podere Sapaio

Victor Rallo with Giacomo Neri at Vinitaly 2011

Tasting the 1958 Chiarlo Barolo

Victor Rallo at Feudo Maccari

Victor Visits the Kitchen of Taverna La Cialoma

Victor at Vinitaly 2010

Undici’s Laegeder Travel Video

The Music Box Maker of Sorento

Preview of Vinitaly 2010 – The First Americans

Where is the Best Pizza in Naples? Da Michele
Victor Rallo Visits Attanasio Pastry Shop in Naples, Italy
A Night at MiMi alla Ferrovia

Victor Rallo Visits Sassicaia Winery in Italy

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Victor Rallo Reviews Il Vecchio Mulino in Sardenia


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Summer Watermelon and Cucumber Salad
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Jersey Tomato Salad

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Undici Video Recipe – Sauteed Escarole

Undici Video Recipe – How to Make Broccoli Rabe
Contorni di Zucca e Pomodoro


Antonio Argiolas at Undici in Rumson, NJ

Giacomo Neri at Undici Restaurant with Victor Rallo

Fabio Angius of Pala Wines with Victor Rallo at Undici

Talking with Claudio Farina at Undici

Elisa Scavino Interview at Undici

Meet & Greet with Sebastiano Rosa at Undici

The Wines of Sicily – Accademia del Vino season 2

The Wines of Tuscany – Accademia del Vino season 2

The Wines of Piemonte – Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series

The Wines of Verona – Accadmia del Vino Wine Lecture Series

The Wines of Tuscany – - Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series

The Wines of Campania – Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series

The Wines of Travaglini and Poliziano – Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series

Interview with Sebastiano Rosa of Tenuta San Guido

Agricola Punica Montessu 2007 Review

A Look at Le Difese with Sebastiano Rosa

Le Difese Wine Review –

Rallo Ripasso Valpolicella Video Review |

Demythifying Grappa with Victor Rallo

A Video Review of Our Favorite Chiantis

Guidalberto 2008: Talking Tenuta San Guido with Victor Rallo

Joe Bastianich Wine Tasting Event at Undici Restaurant

Holiday Wine Tips with Victor Rallo and The Wine Professor

Vietti Wines and Thoughts on Barolo with Victor Rallo at Undici Taverna Rustica

Interview with Luca Currado of Vietti Wines

The Wines of Tenuta San Guido with Sebastiano Rosa and Victor Rallo

The Wines of Scavino with Special Guest Elisa Scavino

Interview with Elisa Scavino of Paolo Scavino Wines

The Wines of Antinori with Aldo Rafanelli and Victor Rallo – Accademia Del Vino

An Evening with Giovanni Folonari at Undici

The Wines of Sardegna – Accademia del Vino season 2

Tasting 95, 96, and 99 Oddero Barolo with Vic & Friends

Victor Rallo Interviews Luca Currado of Vietti Wines (part 2)

Cork vs Glass Enclosure – Corte Pavone Brunello di Montalcino 2001Side by Side Tasting

Victor Rallo Visits Tenuta Dell’ Ornellaia

Interview with Aldo Rafanelli of Antinori Wines –

The Rallos Review Rosati

Casanova di Neri Rosso 2008 –

Mosca Bianca Langhe Arneis 2010 –

Aia Vecchio Vermentino 2010 –

Casanova Della Spinetta Vermentino 2010 –

Marco Porello Roero Arneis 2010

Donna Laura “Bramosia” Chianti Classico 2007 Review |

La Mozza I Perazzi Morellino Di Scansano 2008 Review |

Agricola Punica Barrua 2007 Review |

Feudo Maccari ReNoto 2006 Review |

Galardi Terra di Lavoro 2008 Review

Rallo Soave Classico 2009

Terlan Pinot Bianco Riserva Vorberg 2006 |

Waring Pro Professional Cordless Wine Opener

New York City Delivery |

Paolo Scavino Barbera D’Alba 2007 Review |

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Jermann Chardonnay 2007 Review |

The Professor’s Column – Spin the Bottle: Amarone



A Note on Winter Weather with Victor Rallo, Jr.

Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill

Victor Rallo and Friends

Grappa Mojito Recipe

The Best Pizza in New Jersey Undici Taverna Rustica Restaurant

Anthony Mangieri at Undici

Undici Taverna Rustica

Victor Rallo on Sustainable Foods

Dear Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda


Giuseppe Mascarello with Victor Rallo

Giuseppe Muscarello Talks and Sings with Vic at Vinitaly 2011

Giuseppe Mascarello with Victor RalloAt Vinitaly 2011, I caught up with Giuseppe Mascarello of Mascarello Giuseppe e Figlio winery, makers of the famous Monprivato Barolo. I got a chance to taste the superb 2006 Monprivato, and by chance or luck, Giuseppe reached into his secret stash and pulled out the 2007 vintage of Monprivato! We tasted both, and after a short discussion on the wines, the conversation took a turn for the musical. Monprivato is just one of those Italian barolos that will make you sing, as you’ll see in the video. Salute!

Hoda and Kathie Lee... with Victor Rallo?

Kathie Lee and Hoda, The Today Show, and Victor Rallo

Hoda and Kathie Lee

Kathie Lee and Hoda at The Today Show: I want to wine with you!

As the owner of two of central New Jersey’s most visited Italian Restaurants, several years ago I made it my personal mission to establish a wine list at each restaurant which features Italian wines that are hand selected by me. These lists which now are award winning and amongst the most notable in the country have become a gateway to many new opportunities. For years I have been sharing my recipes, wine reviews and news on the internet with my loyal global fans. This past year we hit record breaking numbers on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for our videos – not an easy feat for a guy who is truly just a lover of fine foods and wines. So as I sat across from my Social Media Chef and my assistant, I pondered what is next for Victor Rallo. What can I challenge my team do to take this franchise to the next level…And then it hit me – it’s time to have Wine with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Why Kathie Lee and Hoda you may be thinking. Well…

  1. They have a real passion for wine, as you can see if you ever catch their “Wine Wednesday” segment and I’d love to sit down with them and taste a few bottles of what I recommend from Italy this Spring.
  2. The family would finally think I made it… yes I’ve passed the Bar in 3 states, have run many marathons, became the cycling time trial champion in NJ, have won awards for both restaurants and am filming a TV pilot… but my wife, Kathie Lee and Hoda speak the same language!
  3. It’s NBC folks…need I say more?

But this won’t work without you, my friends and fans! Come on and help my team make this dream come true by joining the “Vic Wines for Today” campaign. Forward this post and video, share on Facebook or Twitter and encourage others to do the same!


Hoda and Kathie Lee: Victor Rallo Knows Wine!

Giacomo Neri and Victor Rallo

Giacomo Neri and Victor Rallo at Vinitaly 2011

Whether on his estate in Montalcino, or where I met up with him at this year’s Vinitaly fair, one thing is certain;  Neri’s passion for life in Italy is infectious and it’s what makes him a revered wine producer.   If you ask Giacomo Neri what makes his Brunello’s superior, he’ll tell you it’s attention to detail and the traditional processes. Neri’s  100 Pointer  Tenuta Nuova 2006 is proof that only good things come out of Casanova di Neri.

Enjoy my interview with Neri and check back soon for an update on Neri who will be at one of my restaurants, Undici Taverna Rustica,  for a special Casanova di Neri wine dinner on May 17th. Seats for this event are all sold out, but look for photos and videos from the event coming soon.



The Rallos Review Rosati

The Rallos Review Rosati

While rosati wine may not be the first thing you think of when you think of wine, it should be the first thing you think of when you hear Spring. Rosati are quickly becoming the wine of choice throughout Europe and even in the United States during the warmer Summer months. It’s the perfect Spring/Summer wine when you’re sitting by the beach or pool enjoying a summer salad, fresh fish or even a light pasta. So before you go for that white zinfandel, sip an Italian rosato and taste for yourself!