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Iacopo Lenci, Victor Rallo, Agostino Lenci

Interviews with Agostino & Iacopo Lenci

We recently hosted Agostino and Iacopo Lenci at Undici in Rumson, NJ for a unique tasting event. Agostino is the winemaker for Fattoria di Magliano, and Iacopo (his son) is the brewer of Bruton Italian Beers. We tasted the wines of the father, and the beers of the son in one outstanding and truly special night! You can view the photos from that event here.

I got to sit down with each of them and talk about their craft, the area in which they work, and the culture behind each product that they make.

Victor Rallo Interviews Brewer Iacopo Lenci of Bruton Italian Beer over Basil T’s microbrews. Learn how a lack of historical beer culture allows Iacopo to explore and create as a brewer, and how the Italian craft beer scene is exploding across Italy.

Victor talks with Agostino Lenci about the beautiful estate of Fattoria di Magliano in costal Tuscany. Just over an our outside of Rome and a short drive from the beach, Fattoria Magliano not only produces top-notch Tuscan wines, but has an old farmhouse turned into an inn, making it the perfect getaway when seeing the sights of Tuscany and Rome.

Fabrizio Iuli & Summer Wolff

The Wines of Iuli with Fabrizio Iuli & Summer Wolff

Victor talks about the wines of Iuli with winemaker Fabrizio Iuli and Indie Wines founder Summer Wolff. Fabrizio explains the deep family tradition that has earned him the unofficial title of Barberaista, and remarks upon the beautiful vineyard of Iuli nestled deep in the wooded hills of Monferrato. Iuli winery produces biodynamic wines without chemicals or pesticides to create truly Italian Barbera.

Victtorio Marzotto Inverview

Talking with Vittorio Marzotto of Ca’del Bosco Winery

Victor talks with Vittorio Marzotto of Ca’del Bosco Winery in the Franciacorta region of Italy. Learn how Ca’del Bosco uses one-of-a-kind advanced technology to limit exposure to oxygen, creating stunning sparkling wines that are a true expression of the terrior, that rivals the best French champagnes.

Interview with Leonardo Bellaccini - San Felice

Interview with Leonardo Bellaccini of Agricola San Felice

Victor interviews Leonardo Bellaccini of Agricola San Felice. Learn how San Felice brought the Pugnitello grape varietal back from near extinction, and how they’ve used the grape in many of their blends to create a signature wine style like no other to become one of the most prominent names in the Chianti Classico region of Italy.


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Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 10.15.12 AM

Talking Amarone with Armando Castagnedi of Tenuta Sant’Antonio

Tenuta Sant’Antonio is working to help people re-understand and to create a new style of Amarone. Victor Rallo Jr. talks with winemaker Armando Castagnedi about the unique process that goes into making Amarone, expectations around Amarone wine, food pairings, and the new, fresh, drinkable style of Amarone.

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 2.45.21 PM

Interview with Michele Pasqua of Marco Felluga: The Unique Wines of Collio

Victor talks with Michele Pasqua of Marco Felluga Wines about the great wines from the Collio. Known as the “gentle hill,” learn how the unique soil brings us some amazing and refreshing wines from the great Italian North. Watch the interview with Michele below, or click here to jump to the event photo gallery.


Fattoria Lavacchio Puro

The First Organic, No Sulfites Added Chianti Available in the USA: Fattoria Lavacchio Puro

The First organic Chianti with no sulfites added available in the United States is Fattoria Lavacchio Puro! This delicious organic wine from the Chianti zone of Tuscany has no sulfites added, and will be available to the public this September.

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Cristina and Isabella Oddero with Victor Rallo

Talking with Isabella and Cristina Oddero

Victor Rallo talks with winemakers Isabella and Cristina Oddero of Oddero winery in Piemonte, Italy. Hear what the winemakers have to say about the Oddero Barolo 2007, and what we can expect from the 2008 vintage.

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