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Vic Cooks on The Couch for Columbus Day Special

Vic Rallo was on The Couch, CBS New York’s morning show, to clear up some of the history surrounding Columbus. Not only did Columbus enjoy delicious Italian prosciutto and porcini mushrooms on his journey across the sea, but his ships were, in fact, propelled by prosciutto slicers. See the full segment below, make a footnote in your history books and have a great Columbus Day!


Vic Rallo on the Rachael Ray Show

Vic Rallo on The Rachael Ray Show

Dollar Store Cook-Off ChallengeThis past Tuesday, October 8th,  Vic Rallo appeared on the Rachael Ray Show for the Dollar Store Cook-Off Challenge! Vic went toe-to-toe with Chef Ryan Scott to prepare the very best dish he could, using items from the on-set dollar store. But first, they had to earn the dollars to spend on ingredients…



With dollars in hand, Vic Rallo and Scott Ryan had just 45 seconds to spend their money wisely on their dollar store ingredients before the cook-off began!

Dollar Store Cook-Off Challenge | Shopping for Items

After all was said and done, guest Papa Joe, the man who lost 250 lbs eating food from the 99-cent store, picked the winner of the Dollar Store Cook-Off Challenge. Who came out Victorious?

Vic standing with his trophy in hand after the Dollar Store Cook-Off ChallengeVic standing with his trophy in hand after the Dollar Store Cook-Off Challenge 


Filming Season Two in Friuli with Charonte and Stige

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Filming Season Two in Friuli with Charonte and Stige


July 2013 found us in Friuli with 3 cameramen, a soundman, a fixer and a director. It was hot. Italy is usually hotter in July than in August. Italian wine professionals name their heat waves, just as we name our hurricanes. “Charonte” and “Stige” brought us temperatures between 95° – 102° Fahrenheit. Charonte (Charon) was the mythical underworld boatman who transported luckless souls across the River Styx (Stige). They gave new meaning to the expression, “Hot as Hades!”

Appetite at Count Basie Theatre

Back to Back Events with Vic at the Count Basie Theatre

Sunday, September 7 – Joe Bastianich with Special Guest Victor Rallo

After a day-long competition in the delicious Count Basie tasting tent, the top cooking finalists will join Joe Bastianich and special guest Victor Rallo on the Basie stage to cook against Victor while Joe reprises his role from MasterChef as he judges the competition.

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Sunday, September 8 – Taste & Talk™ Sunday – A Taste and Tour of Italian Wine with Vic Rallo
From 3-6pm

Join us for an afternoon in the Taste and Talk™ Tent with seven of the best Italian wine producers from the Kobrand Corporation Tour, as you sample wines and learn about their vintages and vineyards. Moderated by Victor Rallo of Public Television’s Eat! Drink! Italy!

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Eat! Drink! Italy! Premiere at Count Basie Theatre

Saturday July 06, 2013, 6:00 PM

Presented by: Count Basie Theatre
To benefit the Count Basie Theatre Performing Arts Academy.
Tickets: $15
Additional handling fee applies.*

Join us in celebrating Red Bank’s own Victor Rallo’s new Public Television series, Eat! Drink! Italy! with Vic Rallo as we celebrate the world premiere on the big screen at Count Basie Theatre and raise money for the Basie’s Performing Arts Academy! Following the premiere, Victor will host an interactive cooking demo live from the Basie Stage. Then, after a decade away, New Jersey’s own Burlap to Cashmere returns to the stage!

Victor Rallo, Jr. is a successful, seasoned restaurateur and wine critic in New Jersey. After graduating from Villanova University and earning his JD from Seton Hall, Victor jumped directly from the world of law into the restaurant business. He now owns and operates Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill in Red Bank, and Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson, both of which have received numerous awards for excellence in cuisine, service, and their extensive Italian wine lists. Victor is also an Italian wine expert and critic recognized for his exceptional palate and distinct personality. He’s also published two wine books, Napoleon Wasn’t Exiled and 21 Wines. For Vic’s new show he visits Italy six to eight times per year to find inspiration for his restaurants, and to taste and write about the wines from every region of Italy. Victor lives in Fair Haven, New Jersey with his wife, three kids, three dogs, and a fully stocked wine cellar.

With its core lineup intact – singer/guitarist/songwriter Steven Delopoulos, guitarist John Philippidis, and drummer Theodore Pagano – Burlap to Cashmere returns with renewed focus, drive and energy. “There’s something about family and people you’ve known forever that makes the chemistry happen,” Delopoulos says. “There’s a sense of honesty and trust. That’s Burlap to Cashmere.” All you have to do is listen once to ‘Don’t Forget To Write’, and it’s abundantly clear – you’ve never heard anything quite like it.  Recalling the musical intimacy of Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel, coupled with Delopoulos’ introspective and poetic songwriting, the album announces Burlap to Cashmere’s triumphant return in a record that will surprise longtime fans and intrigue the uninitiated. Fans of modern troubadour outfits like the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons will find common ground with Burlap to Cashmere’s output, with the added textures of the Greek and Mediterranean influences further fleshing out the band’s unique take on 21st Century folk-rock music.
*$2 per ticket in person, by phone and online orders.
Fancesco Moser, Victor Rallo, and Carlo Moser

Wine Dinner with Francesco Moser

I recently hosted a sold-out wine tasting and dinner with Italian cycling legend Francesco Moser! We were joined by Francesco himself and his son Carlo who also works as the Moser winery. From delicious Legrein to the sparkling wine named after his world record (51,151) Francesco Moser brings the same passion and talent he has for cycling into his wines. Below are some photos from the event at Undici. We also had a very special guest from Second Life Cycling: a young cyclist from Noah who got to meet his favorite rider of all time!

Iacopo Lenci, Victor Rallo, Agostino Lenci

Interviews with Agostino & Iacopo Lenci

We recently hosted Agostino and Iacopo Lenci at Undici in Rumson, NJ for a unique tasting event. Agostino is the winemaker for Fattoria di Magliano, and Iacopo (his son) is the brewer of Bruton Italian Beers. We tasted the wines of the father, and the beers of the son in one outstanding and truly special night! You can view the photos from that event here.

I got to sit down with each of them and talk about their craft, the area in which they work, and the culture behind each product that they make.

Victor Rallo Interviews Brewer Iacopo Lenci of Bruton Italian Beer over Basil T’s microbrews. Learn how a lack of historical beer culture allows Iacopo to explore and create as a brewer, and how the Italian craft beer scene is exploding across Italy.

Victor talks with Agostino Lenci about the beautiful estate of Fattoria di Magliano in costal Tuscany. Just over an our outside of Rome and a short drive from the beach, Fattoria Magliano not only produces top-notch Tuscan wines, but has an old farmhouse turned into an inn, making it the perfect getaway when seeing the sights of Tuscany and Rome.

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Upcoming Tasting Events

It’s wine tasting season in New Jersey and I am hosting several Italian wine events at both of my restaurants in the coming months. All the dates are listed below. I hope to share a glass of wine with you at one of these tastings soon!

Click Here for the Accademia del Vino Wine Tasting Series at Undici


Complimentary Wine Tastings September 6th, September 19th, October 4th, October 17th, November 1st

Featuring the wines of CUSUMANO (Sicily)

Cusumano Angimbe 2010 (Insolia & Chardonnay)
Cusumano Merlot 2010
Cusumano Nero d’Avola 2010
Cusumano Benuara 2010 (Nero & Syrah)

Featuring the wines of Piedmont
Picollo Ernesto Gavi di Gavi 2011
Nada Fiorenza Dolcetto d’Alba 2010
Giovanni Rosso Barbera d’Alba Donna Margherita 2009
Giovanni Rosso Barolo Serralunga 2007

Featuring the wines of Bibi Graetz (Tuscany)

Casamatta Bianco 2010
Casamatta Rosato 2011
Casamatta Rosso 2010
Grilli De Testamata 2009

Featuring the LAMBRUSCO of Cleto Chiarli
Chiarli Brut Rose NV
Chiarli Lambrusco Centenario Amabile NV
Chiarli Lambrusco Vecchia Modena Sordrara 2010
Chiarli Lambrusco Enrico Cialdini 2010
Chiarli Lambrusco Pruno Nero Spumante NV

Featuring the wines of FRANCESCO MOSER
Francesco Moser, nicknamed “lo sceriffo”, is one of the most famous Italian cyclists of all time. Since retiring from professional cycling in 1987, he has given the same passion to spearheading his family wine estate, Maso Villa Warth. The Moser family owns 10ha of sun-kissed vineyards perched on a natural terrace overlooking the Adige valley. The Ora wind that blows up from Lake Garda ensures vintage after vintage of fresh and fragrant wines.

Riesling 2010
Muller Thurgau 2011
Moscato Giallo Selezione 2011
Teroldego DOC 2010


Undici Taverna Rustica Upcoming Events

The first two tastings of our new season of Accademia del Vino Wine Dinners are sold out, but our next two events are on sale now! Taste the wines of Sant’Antonio & San Felice, each perfectly paired with cuisine from their respective region. All wines being tasted will also be available for sale at special pricing. Tickets for these events are selling out quickly, so get yours now! All wine dinner events begin promptly at 6:30pm.

Get your tickets by calling Undici at 732-842-3880

Monday, October 1st

Tenuta Sant’Antonio, the premier producer in the Veneto, Italy

With Victor Rallo and Winery owner Armando Castagnedi

The Wines Being Tasted:

Sant’Antonio Scaia Biana 2011

Sant’Antonio Valpolicella Ripasso Monti Garbi 2009

Sant’Antonio Cabernet Sauvignon Capitel del Monte 2005

Sant’Antonio Amarone Castagnedi 2008

Sant’Antonio Amarone Campo del Gigli 2006

Sant’Antonio  ReciotoValpolicella Argille Bianchi 2003

$79 per person includes Tasting, Seminar and Dinner.
Very limited seating available.

Thursday, October 25

The wines of  San Felice, Tuscany

with Victor Rallo and Legendary winemaker Leonardo Bellacinni


The Wines Being Tasted:

Perolla Vermentino Maremma 2011

San Felice Chianti Classico 2009

San Felice Il Grigio Chianti Classico Riserva  2007

Campogiovanni Rosso di Montalcino 2010

San Felice Mater Vitis 2008

San Felice Vigorello 2007

$79 per person includes Tasting, Seminar and Dinner.
Very limited seating available.


Monday, November 5

Vietti Winery with Luca Currado
One of the best wine makers in Italy.

Wines to be announced.

$99 per person all inclusive dinner, seminar, wine tax and gratuity included

Payment for tickets will be charged upon making your reservations. Cancellations will receive a credit to be used for another Premium Italian Wine Event wine dinner of your choosing, however cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the event are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Sunday, November 11

The Wines, Cheeses, and Pastas of Italy

from 12pm to 4pm

Jersey shore Restaurant Week

Over 50 wines and spirits , Italian cheeses and pastas

Presented by Undici, Kobrand, & Sickles Market

Tickets available at

Tickets $30


Monday, December 17

The Wines of Iuli

With owner wine maker Fabrizio Luli and Indie wineries

An old grower family with 10 hectares of incredible holdings on the slopes of Beneficio in Francavilla Bisio. Organically farmed, hand harvested Cortese with a

day maceration on the skins and a wild yeast fermentation. Raised in stainless and only racked in the Spring to allow the wine to naturally settle. Natural elegance.


Fabrizio Luli calls himself a barberista, for his love, focus, and dedication to the Barbera grape. Fabrizio is certified organic in the vineyards, and the land

surrounding the town has always been cultivated without chemicals for as long as his father can remember. Fabrizio interferes as little as possible with the natural

process of fermentation and ageing. Iuli uses natural yeasts, and does not fine or filter the wines. With a median of 3 years of ageing (some of the labels less, some

more), he believes the wine prepares itself in its OWN time to go into the bottle and his only job is to communicate (taste) with it along the way to find out where

in it’s life line it is.

Molinetto Carrea [Practicing Organic] Gavi 2011

Barbera del Monferrato “Umberta” [stainless] 2011

Barbera del Monferrato Superiore “Rossore” [30-60yr old vines] 2008

Monferrato Rosso “Nino” [100% Pinot Nero] 2009

Monferrato Rosso “Malidea” [60% Nebbiolo / 40% Barbera] 2007

Barbera del Monferrato Superiore “Barabba” [70 yr old vine cru vineyard] 2007